Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Stupid Aid Week Pt 2

The Stupid Aid Week (Sept 1st -5th) tour is helping to spread the word about our efforts to promote creative thinking to overcome stupidity in the world.
On Tuesday was our visit to the Information Commissioner's Office in Wilmslow, Cheshire. They face the challenge of highlighting what can be called 'duck out data protection- - where people, partuicularly call centres, hide behind the excuse of: "It's data protection, and often it is just an excuse for inactivity.
We delivered a series of presentation'sto the Commission's staff and received great feedback.
Some interesting questions included: One delegate who had just come back from a trip to Yosemite national park in the USA, recalled how on the peak of one mountain there was a sign saying: 'Visitors beware they could be struck by lightning during a storm." The positive he drew from this was how he was left in control to decide what risks he should take, rather than being forbidden to do something.
Repeatedly, we are getting tales of woe with call centres beinga common theme.
On Wednesday saw another blive radio interview, this time with BBC Radio Leeds.
I listen to the Andrew Edwards and Georgie Spanswick breakfast show every morning when I am in Yorkshire, and told them it was just like visiting family. It made the 5.45am wake up well worthwhile!
Extended examples of stupiditysubmitted by listeners included, the children's toy Batman cape with the warning: 'This cape will not help you to fly' along with the packet of nuts that alerted consumers: 'This prodcut may contain nuts'.
A great session with West Yorkshire Police with food for thought. My talk includes the heading: 'Break the rules' which I obvioulsy qualified.
Already getting media coverage from as far apart as 'Computer Weekly' and the Norwich Evening News.
Watch this space as Stupid Aid Week continues...